A Thief Among the Angels

Barry Moser and The Making of The Pennyroyal Caxton Bible
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...with a full, white beard and the Tennessee accent of a Bible Belt preacher (which, at 19, is exactly what he was). He’s also a master book designer, illustrator, publisher and virtuoso wood engraver.

Now, he has completed the project of a lifetime, the typographer’s and

illustrator’s Everest. Barry Moser has done the Bible - the only Bible in

over a century to be illustrated by a single artist.

“Moser moves from strength to strength.”

-John Updike

This film tells the story of Barry Moser and his visually stunning, intensely personal interpretation of Western Civilization’s central text. It’s a film about a man using an engraving tool to separate light from dark; about shedding new light on an ancient text; about typography, words, images, paper, printing and binding.

“Extraordinary...the culmination of a lifetime of artistry.”

-The Washington Post

This is also a funny, quirky take on a fascinating clash of opposites; a “heathen” meeting the Bible, and a medieval craft dissolving into today’s computer imaging technologies.


Barry Moser is a big bear of a man...

“A spirited look at a truly ambitious endeavor... demystifies the artistic process.”
-The Valley Advocate

“This delightful award-winning documentary...
engenders a deep
appreciation for the quiet power of Moser’s illustrations.”
-The Library Journal